How do I choose the best lobster sauce?

Some lobster sauces are Asian-inspired, featuring tamari, ginger, wasabi and other condiments.

Well-cooked lobster can be a delicious dish to serve to friends and family on special occasions. There are many ways to prepare lobster, several of which include a dipping sauce to enhance the flavor of the seafood. Choosing the best lobster sauce for a particular meal depends largely on how the lobster was cooked and what flavors the cook prefers to use. The degree of difficulty in preparing the sauce can also influence the choice, depending on the skill level of the cook and time constraints. Some hosts may choose the best sauce simply by not choosing, opting to serve the lobster with various dipping sauces so that each guest can choose the one that best suits their taste.

Drawn butter is traditionally used as a sauce for lobster.

Various methods for cooking lobster range from boiling or steaming it to dipping it in batter and frying it. Each method tends to suit a particular sauce style. For example, drawn butter is a traditional lobster sauce and popularly used with various types of seafood. Most often it is combined with steamed or boiled seafood. A simple sauce made by melting butter and stripping milk solids can add a light touch to a delicate dish and can stand alone or have herbs and spices added for an extra flavor boost.

Particularly in some parts of the United States, deep-fried and dipped lobster in batter is a popular choice and tends to be paired with sauces that are popular with other fried foods. Sauces like honey mustard and tartar sauce can be good accompaniments to this type of dish. Its creamy base has enough texture to withstand the heaviest preparation of fried foods, without overpowering the taste of seafood.

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Lobster cocktail is a similar recipe to shrimp cocktail and is usually served as an appetizer before a meal. The classic version of this dish calls for boiled and chilled lobster to be served along with a cocktail sauce made from a simple mixture of root-strong and ketchup. Adventurous cooks can make a spicier version of the cocktail sauce or try serving this appetizer with a different lobster sauce.

Grilling a lobster is a good way to add extra flavor to the dish during the cooking process. Before grilling, the seafood can be seasoned with herbs and spices, and the finished product can be served with a suitable lobster sauce. Some cooks may want to offer a selection of two or three sauces to accompany the grilled lobster. Butter drawn again is a good base sauce for such a preparation, and can be paired with a tastier sauce – perhaps one that has a flavor found elsewhere in the meal – as a contrast.

More recent culinary trends have led to greater popularity of Asian-inspired sauces for use with lobster and other shellfish. These sauces use ingredients like soy sauce and ginger to add extra flavor to the lobster meat. Asian-style sauces can be served alongside tempura or grilled lobster as an interesting alternative to a more traditional lobster sauce.

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