How do I choose the best lipstick tubes?

Lip balm can double as a lip balm.

Choosing lip balm tubes can be an interesting part of your lip balm making experience. The best tubes for you will be the ones that match your tube size, opening and color preference. Once you’ve determined what your lip balm tubes look like, buying lip balm tubes can be simple.

There are few sizes of lip balm tubes to choose from. 0.095 oz (2.8 ml), 0.15 oz (4.4 ml) and 0.5 oz (14.8 ml) sizes are widely available. If you want to choose a standard size, select the 0.15 oz (14.8 ml) tubes, because they are the size of lip balms that are usually sold in stores. You will also have to choose between an oval and a round opening for the tube. The real variety of lip balm tubes, however, is in the available colors.

Brightly colored tubes can be a good choice, especially if you want to give your lip balms to young people. Colors can also help you categorize your lip balms. For example, you might choose a tube of red lip balm if your lip balm smells or tastes like cherry.

Choosing clear tubes can help your lip balm wearers differentiate between tinted lip balm colors. These types of tubes can appeal to people who want to find a perfect shade of lip balm for themselves. This can be beneficial for you because clear lip balm tubes can help you advertise your product without requiring potential users to open the tubes. If you’re saving your lip balm to yourself, clear tubes can give you instant notice of the types of lip balm that are in the containers.

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Darker tubes can give users the impression that their lip balms are a quality item because they can look stylish and expensive. Dark tubes, like blue and black, also have a good reputation for being attractive to men. If you’re looking to sell your lip balms, dark tubes can be a good investment.

To make sorting even easier, you may want to buy lip balm tube labels that can be written and affixed to the tubes. Purchasing tubes with hook caps that you can attach the strings to can maximize tube portability. Lip balm tube caps are usually sold separately, so be sure to choose caps that match your tubes.

One advantage of choosing lip balm tubes over lip balm bottles is that they can be more hygienic to use. By using a tube of lip balm, you won’t have to dip your finger into the balm to apply the product. This can help keep your lip balm hygienic.

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