How do I choose the best invoice to print?

Determining the purpose of the invoice is an important aspect of choosing the best invoice to print.

Choosing the best invoice to print depends on the type of invoice need the company has and the accounting and billing programs the company has. The selection of an invoice varies depending on whether the invoice is sent to consumers, industrial buyers, or other types of customers. The selection also depends on the type of product being sold and company policies as a whole.

There are several different options for a printable invoice. Accounting programs and software, from sophisticated software designed for your business to generic accounting and bookkeeping software such as Quicken, can be used to generate printable invoices that a business sends to customers. A printable invoice can also be produced in a Word or Text document and a standard template saved and used by all members of the company. A company can also create its own invoice or accounting software program, which is proprietary software that generates company-specific invoices, although this is often the most expensive way to produce printable invoices.

The key to choosing the right option for printable invoices for a particular company is determining the purpose of the invoice, the recipient, and the information the invoice should contain. If the invoice is for a customer, the invoice must be professional and contain company logos and information. Details about the purchase made must be included, as well as information about acceptable forms of payment. The invoice may also be an opportunity to market other products or services, and special offers or marketing materials may be included on the invoice. On the other hand, if the invoice is an internal invoice from one department to another within the company, the invoice must contain information such as internal purchase codes, but it may be less formal than an invoice sent to customers.

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The printable invoice selected by a company must also contain the appropriate form fields so that all relevant information can be included. For example, if a customer routinely orders multiple items on a given invoice, the invoice should be organized so that all those items can be listed along with their prices. If purchasing multiple items is unusual, an invoice with many item lines may look blank and unprofessional and may not be the best choice for this company.

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