How do I choose the best industrial fire alarm?

An intelligent fire alarm system is connected to alert the fire department with accurate information about the location of a fire.

An industrial fire alarm is a complex device intended to alert and often extinguish a fire in a large building. If you are looking to purchase fire alarm equipment for your industrial environment, there are many key components to consider. Crucial aspects include monitoring the system, its sensitivity, its extinguishing capabilities and whether it is physically wired or intelligently designed. All of these elements contribute differently to fire safety in industrial environments.

Industrial fire alarms can have different sensitivity levels.

An industrial fire alarm typically covers a large amount of space because an industrial complex can include factories, warehouses, and even large office buildings. Due to the amount of ground needed to be covered, one of your biggest considerations should be how the facilities are monitored. If you have a security force on call around the clock, you will need to teach guards how to read the computer system and how to properly respond to fire alerts. If you don’t have security, many types of fire alarm equipment are wired directly to alert the fire department or at least contact an external monitoring system to send immediate help.

An industrial fire alarm can have different sensitivity levels depending on your business. Photoelectric sensitivity is commonly referred to as smoke detection because the alarm sounds when a small beam of light inside the sensors is interrupted by smoke. Excellent option for offices and warehouses. Some types of fire alarms do not sound in the presence of smoke, but when the building temperature rises to a certain degree. This is preferable in situations where smoke is part of the business and can result in a false photoelectric reading, such as in a restaurant kitchen.

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The ability of an alarm to extinguish fires is another consideration you should take into account. Some types of industrial fire alarms do not emit anything and simply alert the proper authorities. Other systems help fight the fire by spraying water or extinguishing elements when sensors are triggered. This type of alarm can save equipment and lives during a fire, but it is usually much more expensive.

The way the industrial fire alarm is wired is also an important element that can prevent damage. A wired system is a very basic setup that simply starts working whenever a sensor is triggered. These systems do not differentiate where the fire is occurring. An intelligent system, on the other hand, is connected with a series of computerized loops and can alert security and firefighters to the precise location and severity of a fire.

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