How do I choose the best haircut for wavy hair?

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Wavy hair is a jack of all trades that can be straight, curly, casual or elegant, depending on the cut. Choosing a haircut for wavy hair is a bespoke process that will depend on your face shape, preferred style and individual hair texture. A great haircut for wavy hair can be short, medium or long, as long as it’s the right shape for the person’s styling needs.

Choosing a short haircut for wavy hair will depend on the intensity of the wave and the thickness of the hair. Short hairstyles usually stop at the chin, not allowing much room for waves to form. Some stylists recommend a short, single-length cut for clients with wavy hair, with the option of adding a layer of bangs. Cuts with lots of layers can allow too much volume around the base of the cut, leading to a mushroom look that can be difficult to style. A medium bob that stops just below the chin is also a good way to create a versatile look that can be straight or wavy as desired.

A medium haircut for wavy hair is usually based on textured layers. Layers of hair flowing towards the shoulders allow the waves to be defined yet natural looking, allowing the volume to be distributed throughout the cut rather than concentrated on the top or bottom of the hair. Medium haircuts tend to fall around the shoulders and usually comprise two or three longer layers, plus face-frame pieces or long bangs. A layered haircut for wavy hair is the ultimate low maintenance style; simply running your fingers through your hair can be all it takes to create a casual, natural style that looks great.

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For people with longer hair that falls well below their shoulders, a graduated haircut for wavy hair is usually recommended. Long layers create different levels in the hair, which helps prevent tangles and frizz, adding dimension to the overall look. By creating long, gradual layers, each layer can have its own body and movement, without clumping together with all the other strands of hair. Bangs are often a great way to add flair to a long haircut for wavy hair. By creating a frame, the bangs help ensure that the eyes are turned towards the face rather than simply sliding down long strands.

When choosing a haircut for wavy hair, it’s important to consider the amount of time that can be devoted to styling and maintenance. Short cuts may require everyday styling to ensure the hair shape remains flattering. Long hair can take an exceptionally long time to dry and style, especially if tools like curling irons or flat irons are incorporated. A medium haircut may require very little maintenance, but it risks looking rather ordinary if not styled correctly.

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