How do I choose the best eyeliner for men?

Most men’s eyeliner products are the same as women’s.

The popularity of eyeliner, eyeliner for men, is growing as the stereotype that makeup is just for women disappears. Choosing the best eyeliner for men is basically the same as choosing the best eyeliner for women; the products are usually the same, just repackaged. The first step is to determine the color that works best for you: black, brown, or blue. Then decide between liquid eyeliner and pencil. Lastly, if possible, try the product before you buy it to make sure it’s the right eyeliner for you.

Most eyeliner products marketed to men are essentially the same as those for women. Although the stiletto is gaining in popularity, it is still not sold in the vast majority of makeup stores. If you can’t find eyeliner for men, opt for eyeliner for women. Most of the time, it’s basically the same as choosing shampoo for women over shampoo for men. The product is no different, but the packaging and, in the case of shampoo, the smell can be.

The basic eyeliner colors are black, brown, and blue, but there are different shades of these colors, as well as a wide range of other lesser-used colors like red and yellow. In general, the best eyeliner for men complements the eye color. For example, a man with green eyes will likely look better with light to dark brown eyeliner, but some experimentation is needed. Also, darker colors are usually reserved for more dramatic looks.

Most cosmetic experts recommend an eyeliner pencil for makeup beginners, because liquid eyeliner is more difficult to apply with a shaky hand. These two types of eyeliner provide different effects, so the best choice depends on the look you’re going for. In general, liquid eyeliner resembles wet paint and gives a darker, sharper color. On the other hand, the pencil applies a thicker line of makeup and often gives a smudged look, which can be perfect for men who don’t like their makeup to look too perfect.

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Once you have a good idea of ​​the best eyeliner for you, go to a makeup counter and ask a salesperson to apply the eyeliner or do it yourself. If you’ve never applied eyeliner before, it’s best to ask a salesperson to do it and tell them you want to learn how. Also, tell the seller what kind of eyeliner for men you are looking for. Usually, makeup sellers are very knowledgeable about their products, how to apply them, and what might look best on you.

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