How do I choose the best direct sales software?

Individuals interested in becoming a direct sales representative may be asked to complete a sales and product training program.

Direct sales software helps multi-level marketing (MLM) companies manage their sales team, compensation and other salary incentives. MLM companies often start out as small businesses that recruit independent distributors who work only on a commission basis. Sales representatives can market products and services and recruit other distributors. Choosing the best direct selling software depends on the size of the company and the types of activities it needs to manage.

Multilevel marketing software is designed to help independent sales reps who become managers or directors manage their own direct sales team. Depending on the size of the individual company, the manager may need a basic, intermediate, or quite sophisticated direct sales software package. A good software application will allow small MLM startups to add more tools and functionality as they grow.

These types of marketing programs are built around the concept of recruiting additional members and earning a percentage of the recruits’ sales commissions. A direct sales software package can be useful when an independent representative decides to officially open their own company to recruit other members. These software packages facilitate job application management, recruitment activity and follow-up. The first step in choosing any direct sales software package is to verify compatibility with computer systems, functionality, and current costs.

With a young MLM company, the manager can oversee a small local market with just a few direct sales representatives. Cost and simplicity may be top concerns as the manager is likely working from home or a small office. There are probably only a few computers that need the software application. The manager’s main concern is to be able to present the company as professional, to manage and track the sales of a few representatives, and to be able to facilitate ongoing communication.

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Midsize companies that are in their peak stage of growth may need a more sophisticated direct selling software package. There can be multiple managers in charge of multiple sets of direct sales reps. A mid-sized business will typically have more than one office location and will look to rapidly expand into new markets. Good solutions for a midsize MLM company might include tools that allow managers to create and track salary incentive programs, facilitate communication between locations, run analytics that break down the numbers and growth by location and rep, and track the compensation that needs to be granted to multiple managers and sales reps.

Larger MLM companies will need a direct sales software package that operates on an enterprise scale. It will likely have to run on a main server that multiple offices and representatives can access at any given time. Advanced tools and analytics that simulate potential scenarios related to recruitment and growth will be required.

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