How do I choose the best dental floss holder?

Good dental hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy smile.

To choose the best dental floss holder, you may want to consider which design, material, and device style works best for you. Most floss holders are “Y” shaped, but some are designed with different angles and pin spacing, and often have a variety of handle lengths to choose from. Some stands are ergonomically designed, which can be an easier design for people with arthritis or dexterity issues. Product durability can also be an important consideration. Some brackets are designed to be disposable while others are reusable, which can affect cost considerations.

People with tight spaces between their teeth may do better with fine waxed dental floss.

A dental floss holder is a dental care product typically available in a “Y” shaped design. Most projects feature a handle that narrows down to a small strip of dental floss stuck between two ends. Depending on the product manufacturer, these interdental flossing aids may also be called floss picks or floss threaders. Yarn sticks are usually much shorter than yarn holders and are sold in multi-packs, as these sticks are typically designed to be used once and immediately discarded. Regardless of the name used, however, these devices allow for one-handed flossing without mess.

Teeth should be used daily despite professional cleaning sessions.

The floss threader design is also important for general dental hygiene. The tips of the teeth should be far enough apart that you have enough space to clean the side of each tooth without the handle getting in the way. The tips should also hold the floss without slack, allowing it to catch food or pest trapped between your teeth. Angled or curved tips are generally preferred as they allow better maneuverability and can get closer to the gum line without causing irritation. You should also pay attention to the length of the handle when looking for the best dental floss holders; better results can usually be obtained with a longer handle, as these versions tend to make it easier to reach the posterior teeth without straining.

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Some wire carriers are designed to be used easily by people who suffer from arthritis.

While all wire holders have the same basic function, the quality of the materials used can separate the best wire holders from the less effective products. High quality wire holders are usually made of durable plastic that is less likely to break. The plastic’s rigidity also allows it to hold the floss tightly and reach your teeth to remove as many pests as possible.

Flossing is a good way to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

A bonus feature worth checking out for those looking for the best dental floss holder is the styling of the tool. Ergonomically designed dental floss grips often feature a wider grip and allow people with arthritis or other dexterity issues to have a better grip. These resources also allow those who serve as caregivers for people with disabilities to teach proper flossing techniques without having to put their finger in someone’s mouth. For kids, flossing floss with bright colors, smaller sizes, and kid-friendly designs can encourage daily flossing.

Dentists generally recommend using 18-inch dental floss.

Another aspect to consider when deciding between types of floss is disposable or reusable. String holders available with pre-loaded heads or cables are a convenient option. Once the floss is empty, you simply purchase a replacement. This method, however, can cost more money in maintenance, especially if you floss every day. While it may cost a few dollars more at first, the more durable models allow you to buy the bracket and fill it with the floss of your choice. These durable floss threaders allow you to eliminate waste and can be a cheaper investment over time.

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Flossing your teeth regularly can remove debris and prevent cavities from forming below the gum line.

Choosing the best dental floss holder can depend on the size, shape and spacing of your teeth. Durable floss holders will generally work with most types of floss. The rechargeable device gives you the chance to choose a type of floss that suits your personal preferences and is likely to be most effective in removing plague from your teeth. For example, those with tight spaces between their teeth usually perform best with thin waxed floss, while those with large spaces between their teeth are usually best served with tape.

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