How do I choose the best Catholic seminary?

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As you work your way into the priesthood, it takes many steps to choose the best Catholic seminary for you. An aspiring seminarian does not usually choose a Catholic seminary independently, but applies as a seminarian in the service of the archdiocese. If you currently do not attend Mass or have a local parish, finding a suitable and supportive congregation and community can be the first step. Deciding which seminary program will depend on factors such as location, program credentials, and spiritual focus.

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Typically, it is necessary to first apply to be a seminarian of the archdiocese. Once the student is accepted into the archdiocese as a seminarian, it is possible to register for a specific seminary. Most archdioceses work with several regional seminaries and many maintain a regular publication or website where information about local and regional seminaries can be found. Educational institutions, seminaries, and the archdiocese also maintain online databases that provide contact information and websites for seminars across the country.

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After speaking with your priest or local vocations director, it may be helpful to visit your diocese for help, support and additional information. Each diocese has a vocations office where questions can be asked and answered. Throughout the seminar application process, guidance will be provided by the archdiocese’s vocational office. The entire process will be facilitated by the vocations director of the archdiocese. Often your local priest or an affiliated priest will also play an important role in the application process.

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Once accepted as a seminarian, there will be a discussion with the Archdiocese’s Vocation Director about the various options. Diocesan seminarians work with their director of vocations to select the best Catholic seminary in that particular region. This process is a complex and multifaceted discussion that may include an examination of your beliefs, devotion, ministerial and spiritual aspirations, and past experiences and educational background. Eventually, the archbishop will assign you to the best Catholic seminary for your personal situation.

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Many national and international Catholic organizations host databases that profile accredited Catholic seminaries and provide information on entering the priesthood. The Catholic Religious Vocations Network produces an annual publication entitled Vision, in conjunction with the National Conference on Religious Vocations. Internationally, some abbeys or monasteries invite prospective seminarians to visit their website to learn and experience their way of life and devotion. Generally, the best and most standard way to find the best Catholic seminary is to work closely with your priest and with the parish and diocese vocations departments.

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