How do I choose the best blush for olive skin?

Blush enhances the cheekbones.

Dark skin is considered one of the most popular types of facial complexion, due to the fact that such individuals have a natural hue that usually does not require a lot of color cosmetics. Before skipping cheek color, it’s important to know that using the right shades of blush for dark skin can really bring out your natural glow without overpowering it. The exact color you choose also depends on whether your skin is lighter or dark brown. Warmer makeup colors tend to work best on olive skin tones, but they won’t bring out your face properly without proper application.

Olive skin tends to look best with pink or apricot blush.

Mid-tone pinks and apricots tend to be the best blush colors for dark skin tones, because the tones look more natural than the deeper ones. Purchasing these colors can be a daunting task, as blushes often look different when applied to the face compared to what they look like on the packaging. If you’re not sure about a particular blush color, the best way to ensure it will work for your skin is to test it out at a makeup counter. You can also use this method just to find your best range of colors and then buy them at a drugstore or beauty supply store if you wish.

Skin testing a blush before you buy it can help you determine which shades work best.

Given the fact that warmer blush colors tend to work best with olive skin tones, there are a variety of cheek cosmetics that range from pinks to orange apricots. Choosing the best blush for dark skin not only requires you to identify the appropriate colors for your type, but you may also need slight variations in shade if your complexion is naturally lighter or darker. If your skin tone is lighter, you can consider using pink blushes, while darker olive faces can use apricots.

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Olive skin can have warm or cold connotations.

Applying makeup can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to using cosmetics regularly. Dark skin is naturally beautiful in its own right, but applying cosmetics correctly can really improve your facial features. When using blush for dark skin, it’s important that you put the right amount of product on your cheekbones to maintain a natural look. Consider using a large blush brush, as opposed to the small travel types that often come with these products. Apply the color in circular motions around the entire cheekbone, without reaching the hairline.

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