How do I choose the best barbecue paint? (with pictures)

Most barbecue paint is only available as spray paint.

If you want to choose the best barbecue paint, you must choose a paint that resists peeling and fading at high temperatures. Some of the best high temperature BBQ paints are branded as automotive paint. This paint is typically labeled exhaust manifold and header paint and is resistant to high temperatures. The best heat-resistant barbecue paint is often self-priming, which saves time and effort when repainting the barbecue.

Paints that are not heat resistant can catch fire when the grill is in use.

Using inferior paint on a barbecue grill can be not only counterproductive, but also dangerous. Paints that are not heat resistant can catch fire when subjected to the extreme heat of a barbecue grill. To choose the best barbecue paint, select a paint that does not require complete removal of the original finish before applying the new finish. Often, the best paint only requires cleaning with a degreasing detergent and lightly sanding the finish with fine sandpaper before applying the new paint. The paint should be sprayed on in several thin coats, allowing the paint to dry between each coat for best results.

Typically, the best barbecue paint is not available in any form other than spray paint. An aerosol can—also called a rattle can because of the steel ball bearing inside the can that helps mix the paint when the can is shaken—should be shaken well before applying paint. This ensures that the paint mixes well and provides the best coverage. You should only select a paint that indicates the grills are safe to paint with that particular product. Some lower quality, high heat resistant paints are unsafe for use on grills because some chemicals in the paint are harmful if ingested.

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The best BBQ paint typically only gives you a flat finish. Glossy finishes, while visually pleasing, do not perform well in high temperature applications. Heat escapes more effectively through a matte or flat finish than a glossy finish. The best barbecue paint is only offered in black because that color transfers heat better than any other color. This means that the best paint to use on a grill is usually a matte or matte black to match the commonly flat black finish on a grill when it arrives from the factory or manufacturer.

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