How do I choose the best avocado face mask?

People with dry skin would benefit from an avocado face mask.

To choose the best avocado face mask, all ingredients other than avocado should be considered. A ripe avocado on its own offers a number of skin benefits. So it’s the additional ingredients that set an avocado face mask apart from others.

For centuries, the avocado has been revered for its culinary uses as well as its ability to provide nutrition. For almost as long, it has also been revered for the ways it can benefit the skin through topical applications. Avocado skin care products are believed to have been used by people in Central America in pre-Columbian times. While the first avocado face mask may have simply been a smear of the ripe fruit, today there are a variety of masks that use avocado along with other ingredients as well.

Avocado oil is often used in avocado face masks.

A face mask can offer several benefits to the skin. Avocados are rich in natural emollients, which means they can be very beneficial for dry skin. They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients which, when absorbed by using a face mask, can be beneficial for the skin.

Companies that sell these masks often mix avocado or avocado oil with other ingredients such as clay or oatmeal. Clay is an ingredient used in beauty products to help purify the skin and draw dirt and excess oil out of pores. Oatmeal is a product used to soothe irritated skin. As these two products benefit the skin in different ways, an avocado face mask with one or the other will provide different types of skin treatments.

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Honey is often used in homemade masks because of its antibacterial properties.

Many people think that the best avocado face mask is the one that they can prepare in their own kitchen. Avocados generally do not keep very well after being ripened and processed by crushing. To package the face mask, a skin care company will usually have to mix some kind of stabilizer, a product that can be a chemical or non-organic additive, into the formula.

Clay is often mixed with avocado to purify the skin and draw dirt and oil out of pores.

People who prefer to avoid chemicals and additives in their skin care products therefore prefer to make their own avocado face masks. An easy recipe calls for a ripe avocado, a squirt of honey and a dollop of plain yogurt. Mash the avocado and then add the honey followed by the yogurt. Apply a thin layer to your face and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

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