How do I choose between different types of advertising?

Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective ways to run a direct mail campaign.

Your choice between different types of advertising depends on the audience you want to reach. If your ideal client is a baby boomer or retiree, print ads may be your best option. If you want to appeal to a younger type of consumer, there are many online advertising methods that you can use to reach them. Broadcast advertising can be split between radio and television commercials and can reach a wide spectrum of customers depending on the chosen station and the time the ads air. Your marketing budget can also affect the types of advertising accessible to you.

Placing an ad in the local yellow pages is a good way to reach virtually every customer in the region.

The most expensive types of advertising are usually in the broadcast scope. TV and radio stations charge more for the best times, which have more viewers and listeners, respectively. Based on your research into the types of customers you want to reach, you can often target broadcast commercials to connect with as many of these people as possible. For example, demographics are very different between the types of customers who watch soap operas on TV and those who watch news or reality shows. Likewise, radio listeners can often be categorized differently based on whether they enjoy talking radio or the top 40 or another music genre.

Broadcast advertising can reach a wide spectrum of customers, depending on the season and time the ads air.

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Printing offers a wide range of different types of advertising. These options are often cheaper than broadcast commercials and tend to reach an older audience with more disposable income. You can use direct mail, where you send coupons or sales news in newspaper inserts. An advertisement panel in a newspaper is another option. Many companies often choose to place an ad in the local yellow pages because virtually all consumers will receive a phone book in the mail.

A newspaper ad can be a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.

Online marketing can often be one of the most cost-effective types of advertising. It is usually relatively inexpensive to buy banners on blogs or other sites that attract a lot of targeted readers. Pay-per-click ads often reach customers who use search engines to look for products and services. or other information. Producing video commercials and putting them online on social media channels and sites like YouTube can also be done cheaply in most cases. Another option for marketing your business is mobile advertising, that is, sending advertisements about special sales or discounts directly to the customer’s cell phone or smartphone. The advantage of this is that customers often have to accept the ads, so they are already nominally interested in your business.

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