How Do I Care for Fry Angelfish?

Angelfish eggs and angelfish fry are at risk of being devoured by larger, more aggressive fish and are often separated from other aquarium fish by breeders.

Baby angelfish, or offspring of angelfish, should be separated from more aggressive fish as quickly as possible. Some breeders may choose to separate them before they even hatch. They also require warm, oxygenated, clean, debris-free water. When the fry are about a week old, breeders can start feeding them.

Angelfish eggs and angelfish fry are at risk of being devoured by larger, more aggressive fish. To prevent this, they are usually separated from other aquarium fish. It may also be necessary to separate the young from their parents, as some aggressive angelfish will eat their young. Any angelfish that are especially aggressive during courtship should not stay in the same tank as the fry.

Many breeders remove angelfish eggs before they even hatch. This can be done by placing a breeding slate in the tank with the breeding couple. After the eggs are fertilized, the breeding board can be moved to a different tank.

Fox-faced rabbitfish make good tank mates for angelfish.

Parent angelfish can also be moved to a separate tank for mating. When the eggs are fertilized, the pair can be moved to a different tank. Separating parents from puppies is not always necessary as many parents protect and care for their puppies.

Warm water will help the angelfish to grow and develop. An aquarium heater can be used to heat the water. It should be kept at a temperature around 27 degrees C (80 degrees F). The temperature should be monitored with an aquarium thermometer.

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Clean water is also important when caring for fry. Most angelfish breeders recommend changing half of the aquarium water every day. A gentle aquarium filtration system can also help keep the water clean. Sponge filters are normally recommended for ponds containing angelfish fingerlings, as it is nearly impossible for small fish to be sucked into them.

However, water changes and filters may not keep your aquarium water squeaky clean. Some chicks may die and their bodies must be removed from the water. Any pieces of uneaten food should also be removed from the water.

During the first week of their lives, angelfish will still have a yolk attached to them, which will provide food. After the yolk disappears, normally about seven days after hatching, the chicks need to be fed. Newborn brine shrimp are usually the recommended food for fry, but you can sometimes buy special frying foods at pet stores. As the fish get bigger, they can be fed regular flake food.

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