How do I become a Navy Captain?

A nation’s naval captains have generally received command and technical training at a naval academy or equivalent ROTC program, have served for several years in various roles in the fleet, and have consistently demonstrated above-average leadership skills.

If you want to become a navy captain, you must start your mission in high school. Good grades are necessary to get into a top-notch college, as most people who become Navy captains hold a bachelor’s degree, and some even have a master’s and doctoral degree. After completing the college requirement part, the next step to becoming a navy captain is to become a naval officer. The typical captain of a ship has over 20 years of experience as a naval officer, and the competition to become the commander of a navy ship is very intense.

To become a Navy captain, you need to get good grades in high school and college.

When serving in the Navy, you must volunteer for all available extraordinary tasks. These tasks typically count as promotion points and also become favorable entries on a permanent record that will be scrutinized if you are considering becoming a Navy captain. You must also apply, be accepted, and complete an Ensign training program. This is required of anyone who wants to become a Navy Captain. Once successfully completed, you must be assigned and serve in an operational career field.

Submarine commanders have received training in submarine warfare and previously served as submarine officers on previous submarine patrols.

Typically, you must receive reports of exceptional aptitude or service if you wish to become a Navy captain. You must also progress through the ranks and executive officer (XO) position. This is the second-in-command position on any naval vessel and is where you will learn to command a ship. Giving orders to the crew, dealing with all discipline and issues with crew members will also be left to you as the XO. You will operate to the captain’s right and act in his stead with the crew while the ship is at sea and in port.

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Navy captains must excel in ship handling, including docking and harbor procedures.

As the XO, you should take every opportunity to inform those in charge around you that your goal is to become a Navy Captain. It will only be on the recommendation of these high-ranking people that you will be given a command on board a ship. By showing exemplary performance and attention to detail in all aspects of your daily tasks, and by showing yourself to be reliable in good times and bad, you could one day be called upon to command a ship and its crew. Typically, the number of XOs in the Navy is much greater than the number of ships to command. You will have to surpass everyone else if you want to become a navy captain.

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