How do I become a meter reader?

Electric utilities hire meter readers to verify usage.

To become a meter reader, you usually need to have a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license, and the dealership will teach you meter reading techniques on the job. This and other government jobs can come with benefits like health insurance and paid vacations, along with payments to retirement accounts and other benefit accounts. People interested in careers in this area may later become supervisors and coaches and gradually increase their pay scale over time.

Normally, a valid driver’s license is required to become a meter reader.

Utilities that have openings for meter readers will advertise them, and a person who wants to become a meter reader can contact the utility office to find out if one is available. The utility usually requires a high school diploma and may ask for employment references. A valid license is also typically required, as meter readers often need to route in a vehicle provided by the dealership.

A person who is in training to become a meter reader will be in the shadow of a more experienced worker. This person can show the trainee how to read gauges and how to correctly record data. Trainees also learn about different routes and can receive advice on how to complete them as efficiently as possible. They can discuss issues such as meter tampering to learn how to identify signs of tampering or abnormal utility usage that could be indicative of a leak or other issue at the end consumer.

Gas, electricity and water meters can be read by a meter reader. Employment in this field began to decline in the early 2000s, however, thanks to the introduction of automatic meter reading. These electronic systems can record meter data without the need for a meter reader, unless there is a problem with the system; in this case, a technician will have to travel to the site to check. While there may still be openings available for someone who wants to become a meter reader, the long-term outlook for these jobs can be dubious.

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Electronic meter reading systems are more likely to be used in large cities that have large utility companies. Someone who wants to become a meter reader might consider looking for a job in a small town or a relatively local small utility company. Jobs that will last a long time may be more likely in such environments, and job applications can be bolstered by demonstrating familiarity with the field. In a small town, for example, a native’s intimate knowledge of the streets and layout can be very valuable.

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