How can I tighten loose neck skin?

Weight loss can help tighten loose neck skin.

There are a variety of ways you can tighten loose neck skin, including exercise, firming lotions, weight loss, laser therapy, and surgery. The best option for you will depend on the underlying cause of the loose skin, as well as your comfort level and access to treatments. Many cases of loose skin on the neck can be remedied without aggressive and invasive treatments such as surgery.

Firming cream can help tighten loose neck skin.

Several problems can cause sagging or loose skin on the neck. Excessive weight is an example. In this case, losing weight is the best option for skin removal, as it is likely due to the accumulation of fat under the chin. You can also try neck exercises, tilting your face up and flexing your jaw, opening and closing your mouth. Do this several times to strengthen and contract your muscles and reduce signs of fat.

Today, lasers are used in a number of cosmetic procedures that have taken the place of a traditional lift.

You can also reduce the appearance of loose neck skin by using an over-the-counter firming cream. Often, neck sagging is due to aging, when collagen naturally breaks down in the skin, giving it a looser, less youthful appearance. Some creams claim to restore this lost collagen, although there is debate about how effective they really are. Find a cream with a money-back guarantee and make sure you give it enough time to take effect. Typically, you will have to apply the cream daily, sometimes several times a day, for several weeks to see results.

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Exercises can help tighten loose neck skin.

Once the creams are discontinued, however, loose skin is likely to return. For more permanent results in removing loose neck skin, you may consider laser or radiofrequency therapy. These treatments may be offered at spas and health resorts, as well as at certain plastic surgery practices. Make sure a licensed professional is performing your treatment as an unqualified hand can cause burns and other injuries.

Loose neck skin can occur with age.

You will get the most permanent source of removing loose neck skin through plastic surgery. The skin can be cut and removed and then the rest of the skin is pulled up and attached to the jaw. This gives the face a firmer, more youthful appearance when performed by a skilled surgeon. Surgery has a certain level of risk, is the most expensive treatment option, and you may suffer from scarring after treatment. For this reason, you should consider less invasive treatment methods before resorting to plastic surgery.

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