How can I tighten loose arm skin?

Building muscle mass in the arm can help tighten loose skin.

Many people are distressed by the loose skin on their arms and want to do something about it. Possible ways to minimize the appearance of loose skin include upper arm exercises, skin care regimens and, in some cases, surgery. If saggy skin is caused by drastic weight loss, some people find that giving the body some time to adjust after reaching their ideal weight can sometimes result in an improvement in the appearance of underarm skin. In cases where extra arm skin is accentuated by significant body fat, losing more weight can also be helpful.

Loose upper arm skin can tighten as the body adjusts to weight loss.

Loose arm skin is typically the result of stretched and damaged skin lacking the elasticity to return to its former shape after an individual has experienced significant weight or muscle loss. In many cases, loose skin on the arms is primarily a cosmetic problem, although some people find that loose skin folds can become irritated and even infected. Both the appearance of loose skin and the risk of irritation often motivate people to find ways to contract their upper arms. In some cases, the appearance of extra skin on the arm can be exacerbated by the fact that there are still significant fat deposits in the arms. Individuals who are in the process of losing weight may find that as they continue towards their weight loss goals, the loose skin on the arm may decrease and they may be more satisfied with their appearance.

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Arm exercises help tone your arm muscles and skin.

Once the skin is significantly stretched, it is damaged beyond the point of being able to tighten up when a person loses weight or bulk in the arms. As such, few options exist for individuals who wish to tighten loose arm skin without surgery. Some doctors advise people who have experienced drastic weight loss to give their bodies a year or two to adjust before making decisions about surgical procedures. In the meantime, these individuals may be advised to do arm exercises that can tone their arms and build muscle mass that can reduce the appearance of loose, loose skin. Other options are using an exfoliator and moisturizer on the upper arm that can improve skin condition and help to eliminate or minimize skin wrinkles.

Building muscle mass can help reduce the appearance of loose skin.

Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure, typically performed by plastic surgeons, that can remove loose skin from the arms. People should be aware that health insurers generally do not cover this type of surgery. Also, the recovery time from brachioplasty can take several weeks and there is always a risk of complications. Many people, however, may find this to be the most effective way to tighten loose arm skin when other methods have not given the desired results.

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