How can I reduce noise from above?

Spray foam insulation can help provide a noise barrier.

Dealing with noisy neighbors can be quite a task, especially when the neighbors are located upstairs. Apartment dwellers have been dealing with noise from upstairs neighbors since the invention of the apartment building. At the same time, homeowners have been looking for ways to provide a reasonable amount of protection from footsteps transfer and other day-to-day noise upstairs.

Sound insulation can help reduce noise between floors.

Fortunately, the methods used to perform soundproofing between floors in an apartment building or a residence have never been better than they are today. Essentially, all of these approaches to dealing with noise from above involve a process known as soundproofing. With soundproofing, materials are inserted into the spaces between floors that will muffle the noise a lot, which will lead to much greater harmony around the building.

Apartment dwellers may have to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors.

One means used to make the space soundproof and reduce noise coming from upstairs is thick layers of insulation. Insulation rolls made of fire-retardant materials are essentially used to fill and fill the space between floors. Insulation fibers absorb noise from upstairs and downstairs, providing more privacy for both tenants.

Sound insulation can be incorporated into a low ceiling.

A new alternative is the use of foam insulation that can be blown into the space between floors. In fact, this process is much easier than using insulation rolls, as the foam will expand and fill every corner of the space. Once in place, the insulation provides a solid barrier to noise from above, as well as preventing music and party sounds from coming loud and clear from below.

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Some older buildings were not built with a space between floors. When this is the case, ceilings are usually high enough to allow for the addition of a false ceiling in downstairs rooms. The dropped ceiling only needs to allow a few inches for the inclusion of insulation to provide a decent level of protection from noise from above.

However, keep in mind that all of these solutions work for simple everyday noise. In case there is already a buffer between floors and upstairs neighbors tend to party or play music at high volume, the main solution can be a serious conversation with the landlord .

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