How can I organize my home? (with photos)

Organizing a home can involve selling items through a sale.

Learning to manage clutter starts with getting rid of items you no longer need. If you want to organize your home and keep it that way, organization is key. It may not be a matter of more storage space, but of learning to use storage bins, shelves and organizers more effectively. You can start tidying up the clutter by removing the trash and replacing only the items you need. Find a place for each item and get into the habit of putting things back in their proper places whenever you use them.

Identifying which items are essential for daily life is one of the first steps in organizing a home.

To organize your home, you will have to do some planning. Organize each space so that you and others in the house can easily store things. It’s much easier to get into the habit of putting things back together if it’s simple to do. Recycle bins on high shelves are often ignored, while those on lower shelves are often overflowing. To organize low storage spaces, place only the items that are used most often on easily accessible shelves, and reserve the upper shelves for items that are used infrequently.

To really organize a space, you’ll also have to throw things away. A good rule of thumb is: if you haven’t used something in the last six months, throw it away or donate it. It helps to add a wastebasket to each room so unnecessary items can be thrown away immediately, rather than stored indefinitely.

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When you start organizing, start in one room and set up four boxes. A box for items you want to keep, one for items you want to donate or sell, another for items that must be stored in a different room, and finally one for the trash. Examine each of the items in the room and place them in the appropriate box. You may need larger boxes for certain areas – probably the “keep” box.

To completely organize a room, you need to remove at least a third of the items that the space currently contains. In some cases, the value must be reduced by half. Once you’ve sorted everything, go through the maintenance box again, reducing it to a manageable amount. A manageable amount is one that can be neatly contained in the available space, with a designated place for each item.

When you decide to organize your home, you may feel overwhelmed, but breaking the process down into steps, separating items, and planning places for all your stuff helps make the job easier.

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