How can I make my bruises disappear quickly?

To help reduce bruising quickly, avoid taking acetaminophen or over-the-counter pain relievers.

Unfortunately, there is no magical or surgical method that will make most bruises disappear quickly. The pools of blood that give bruises their unsightly appearance should eventually be absorbed back into the bloodstream and disappear. But there are a few things you can do to help with this process or to minimize large, dark bruises from forming in the first place.

Rubbing a banana on a bruise can help it go away.

One way to help lessen bruising is to stop the initial blood flow quickly after a traumatic injury. Ice should be applied to the injured area as soon as possible to reduce the number of small bleeds that contribute to the injury. If possible, the injured area should be kept above the level of the heart to encourage blood to flow away from the injury. The less blood that accumulates around a blunt force injury, the less chance there is for a heavy bruise to form.

An ice pack, which can help a bruise disappear.

One thing that many medical professionals would recommend to help lessen bruising quickly is to avoid pain relievers with blood thinning ingredients. Many over-the-counter pain relievers contain ingredients that stimulate blood flow and inhibit blood clots. This is not good for people who suffer from severe bruising. To help reduce bruising quickly, limit your pain reliever intake to acetaminophen or prescription pain relievers.

A person with a bruised nail.

Some sources suggest using gentle massage on the affected area to help lessen bruising. There is little risk of releasing a dangerous blood clot by massaging a hematoma, as blood mainly collects outside of the circulatory system itself. This method may temporarily improve the appearance of bruises, but the actual healing time may not be affected. Cosmetic treatments, such as using concealed makeup or wearing a long-sleeved shirt, can also help minimize the appearance of bruising.

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Applying pure witch hazel, from the witch hazel plant, can help heal bruises.

There are several homeopathic or organic methods that are supposed to help heal bruises quickly. Some say that topical applications of witch hazel or glycerin help bruises to heal quickly. Rubbing a sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion or banana peel over the affected area is also suggested as a home remedy for bruising. Perhaps the most discussed homeopathic treatment is a poisonous plant called arnica (arnica montana), considered an effective anti-inflammatory agent in general. A topical ointment containing arnica should be applied repeatedly to the affected area to help bruises heal quickly.

Rest will help bruises to heal on their own faster.

The use of arnica or other homeopathic treatments for bruises is not necessarily endorsed by the medical community, so those interested in trying it should do some research first. Standard medical advice to help bruises heal quickly is to freeze the wound quickly, keep it above heart level, and avoid taking any blood-thinning medication until the bruise has dissipated.

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