How can I keep ants out of my house? (with photos)

Ants around a piece of food.

There is no need to spread poisons to keep ants out of your house or apartment. Even the most serious ant invasion can be controlled with a few simple home remedies that contain no chemicals and work just as well as the strongest venom. You should avoid killing single ants indoors, as live ants are attracted to the scent of their dead companions and will flock to the place to take the carcasses. The best options are solutions that aim to keep ants out of your home or to discourage them from coming back.

When ants begin to appear in a home, the homeowner must determine their point of entry.

To keep ants out of your home, start by finding the place they come in. Try to seal as many holes as possible to prevent intrusion and make sure there is no trash or anything attractive to ants near the entrance to your home. Window sills should be free of food as they can be popular places for ants to enter.

Some of the most effective natural remedies for keeping ants out of the house can be found in the kitchen. Ants will crawl away from cinnamon, mint, red pepper powder, and black pepper. They can all be sprayed on countertops or cabinets as they are non-poisonous and highly effective. Planting mint and cloves on windowsills or outdoor gardens will also help keep ants out of your home. Bay leaves, especially when soaked in mint mouthwash and placed around the pantry, are another useful option.

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Ants will avoid cinnamon, so it can be used to keep them out of the house.

Creating a ring of Vaseline or chalk around windows and doors also helps, as ants don’t draw criss-cross lines with either of these products. While this may not help you get rid of the ants already present in your home, it will certainly discourage other ants from joining the invasion. Baby powder is another great ant repellent. Sprinkling a little on the doors will keep ants out of your house.

Bay leaves can be soaked in mint mouthwash and left as a deterrent to ants.

Ants also hate vinegar. For an easy fix, just mix equal parts vinegar and water and sprinkle it on countertops and other food storage and prep areas. If there are no small children or pets in the house, you can also use window cleaner to spray areas in other rooms outside the kitchen.

As ants get creative with finding ways to get into the house, you may have to keep looking for cracks and holes and trying a few different solutions to keep them out. There are many effective but safe solutions for your family.

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