How can I improve my hair’s elasticity?

Hair elasticity is directly affected by the way you treat your scalp.

The term hair elasticity refers to the amount of pulling and stretching the hair can withstand without breaking. As humans age, the amount of hair elasticity decreases. This part of the natural aging process will cause hair to break easily, although this is not the only reason hair can regularly split or break.

The way you treat your scalp also affects your hair’s elasticity. If you want to increase your hair’s elasticity, make sure you are treating your scalp properly. Whenever you wash your hair, take a few minutes to massage your scalp. By massaging the scalp, you help stimulate hair strength and growth. This is exactly why hair students all over the world are taught to massage a person’s scalp while washing their hair.

Massage the scalp when washing your hair.

Also, make sure you don’t damage your hair by using the wrong type of brush. Brushes and combs that rip and cut hair do not promote hair elasticity. Instead, choose a comb with widely spaced teeth, so the hair can easily pass through the teeth without causing any damage. Also, make sure you don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. Hair is at its most susceptible stage when it’s wet, so it’s best to wait until your hair is dry before brushing.

It’s important to avoid shampoo and other hair products that strip the scalp of oil.

As far as styling products go, be sure to read the product labels. As with food labels, certain ingredients in the product can be harmful to hair’s elasticity. Try to avoid any products that include oil removing properties. Chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and diethanolamine can damage your hair. Instead, look for natural products that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

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Some styling tools and products can damage your hair, especially if used improperly.

Certain styling tools such as straighteners and hair curlers can also cause damage. Also, coloring your hair regularly can make it weaker. If you’re going to use hair color, opt for an organic dye that doesn’t contain as many harsh chemicals as your regular color. Most salons that are aware of harmful products offer organic hair coloring to interested customers.

Using a wide-toothed comb will prevent hair from tangling and tearing.

By following the tips listed above, you will be able to increase the elasticity of your hair. If you find that these tips don’t make your hair stronger, consider some hair strengthening products – just remember to stay away from products mixed with chemicals. Lastly, use bobby pins and combs to hold your hair in place, as tight elastic bands can break your hair.

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