How can I find the average color of a photograph?

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Many popular image editing tools let you determine the average color of a small section of an image, but we haven’t found any that could calculate the average color of an entire photograph. Enter, the medium color tool.

Possible Uses

Convince your landlord that the carpet at the entrance isn’t as dirty as she claims it is.

Prove that fruit sellers place the most beautiful fruits in the most prominent place.

Use your own travel photos to decorate a room; a well-chosen combination can dramatically emphasize the beauty of your photos.

Monitor how the greens in your garden change from season to season.

choose your image

Simply use the boxes below to upload a photo (.jpg or .jpeg files only) from your computer or directly from the URL, and the medium color tool will take care of the rest. (Maximum file size: 2 Megabytes)


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mistake [‘mensagem’]?>

image URL

upload an image


Here are some samples we processed using the medium color tool. Thumbnails are displayed on the left and the corresponding medium color swatch on the right. You can click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the photographs.

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source image

medium color


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