How can I become a runway model?

A model.

There are many requirements to become a runway model, and even if people meet all of them, they may not be successful. Modeling is a competitive business to get into, has a notoriously short career, and can depend on adjusting to certain industry standards that are beyond a person’s control. However, those passionate about this career choice can follow some tips that can help a model achieve success.

Runway model in a blue dress.

The first requirement for becoming a runway model is one that people may be able to influence the least. The default track model must meet a certain physical type. In height, women should be 5’7” (1.7m) or more, and generally taller is preferred. Men generally need to be at least 6’0” (1.83m).

Weight may vary slightly and may be calculated by clothing size. Women generally need to wear a size 2 or smaller, and men should be of equal proportions and a well-built, but not overdone, physique. Plus size models are usually female 12 or 14 max, meeting height requirements.

Runway model in a black dress.

Some other appearance-related requirements for becoming a runway model include fair skin, good teeth, and regular facial features. Some of the best models in this industry have minor idiosyncrasies in their facial appearance, such as a big nose or a big forehead. These differences may or may not be useful in a career.

To become a runway model, models need to have some sense of how to walk in different ways. Some people learn this on the job and others go to modeling or acting schools.

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A model.

Any school linked to a modeling agency can represent one of the many modeling scams out there. Schools should not have this affiliation with promised representation after a person has spent large amounts of money to attend. Instead, it may be wise to ask local agents which modeling schools they recommend. It’s a good idea to take classes that also teach print modeling skills.

A male catwalk model.

After attending school to become a runway model, people will need to secure representation by an agent. This is generally the most reliable method of getting work. Models will need headshots to secure an agent, and they may need a “book” of photos to show those who are climbing to the shows. It can be difficult to get an agent and it can take some time to get it. People are better off looking for agents in urban areas known as fashion hubs.

A runway model must have fair skin and regular facial features.

A model must be professional and flexible in the first shows she books. Getting a reputation for being adaptable is extremely important as it can influence how much work a person will have in the future. It is equally important to carry out the actual work skillfully, so clothing designers or manufacturers are eager to offer other employment opportunities.

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