The Hamilton Beach 25475A Sandwich Maker is another excellent addition in market by Hamilton Beach. This product is bit modified than the previous sandwich makers.

Let’s take a look in to features.


This 25475A breakfast sandwich maker has three ring-mold design the bottom ring, middle ring and the upper ring. This design makes it perfect for cooking sandwich with beagle, English muffin, biscuit and more.

2-How it Works

The cooking plate can cook a fresh egg delightfully, and afterward enables the cooked egg to slide out so you can go putting your multi-layer sandwich together.

Once the sandwich maker is preheated, the bottom portion of your decision of bread can be put on the bottom plate then top the bread with your favourite ingredients and lower the cooking plate and top ring, crack the egg on the plate and puncture the yolk to ensure the complete cooking. Now, put the top half of the bread and close the sandwich maker cover.


Just like the Hamilton Beach 25490A this 25475A sandwich maker is multifunctional. This clearly isn’t the same as the rest since it saves your time and effort. In addition, it must be incorporated that this enables you to cook speedier more effectively.

4-Speedier Operation

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker gives you a chance to enjoy breakfast as the most vital meal of the day. It saves you time and money, helping families with kids handle the tumultuous pace of the morning while at the same time guaranteeing that everybody in the family enjoys a filling and fulfilling breakfast. No more reasons for missing breakfast since this model can enable you to whip up a heavy breakfast sandwich in just few minutes.

5-Simple to Clean

All parts of this unit could be separated and cleaned in your dishwasher. This feature makes cleaning extremely easy.


  • Prepare in 5 minutes or less
  • Cook every layerof sandwich perfectly
  • Simple to clean
  • Cooking suface covered with non-stick coating
  • Dimension :5.6H x 6.3 W x 7.3 D


  • Only round shape ingredients fit in correctly


The Hamilton Beach 25475A is amazingly good. There are many dominating features such as speedier operation, simple to clean, non-stick coating and durability make this product reliable.

We highly recommend this product!

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