Flying insect and mosquitoes is one of the major problems for those who are living near a lake or other general insect zones. No doubt, these flying insects are annoying, everyone wants to get rid of them and the common mosquito repellent and insect spray are not enough for that. Many different brands have manufactured different excellent mosquito killer for user’s different needs. The Flowtron Mosquito PowerVac PV-440A Mosquito Zapper is a top-quality product from Flowtron.

Product Specification

  • Excellent catch rate
  • Use light, scent heat, shape, color and motion to duplicates the sensory motion and attract pest
  • Excellent long-lasting attraction
  • Up to a 1-acre range
  • Powerful vacuum action to draw pests inside the trap
  • Easy to a clean, removable collection tray
  • Include 30’ low-voltage plug
  • Low voltage wiring can be installed above or below the ground
  • Easy to replace the bulb
  • The USA made
  • Product Dimensions: 16” x 13” x 33”

Flowtron Mosquito PowerVac PV-440A Overview:

Without burning propane gas this Flowtorn Power Vac attracts the mosquitoes, pests, and midges and trap them and kill them. The flying insect and biting mosquitoes locate human bodies by the combination of sensory motions such as odor, shape, color, heat, and motion, etc. The Power vac 440A uses the unique electronic technology to duplicate these sensory motions and attract the flying insect toward to it.  The box also includes the free octanol mosquito attractant cartridge that emits scent into the air.

How does it operate?

Its four LED oscillating lights to duplicate the sensory motion by emitting light. The UV light illuminates the entrance and top of trap that attracts the pest and draws towards it where they hydrated and die immediately. With the powerful airflow the dead insect collected into the convenient, removable collection tray.

What Box Includes?

This unit is completely pre-assembled no extra arrangements are required, just place it on the free-standing stand and plug it. The 30’ low-voltage plug works with common household sockets. It has easy to replace bulb which just take few seconds for that, It is portable and weighing only 17 lbs.


  • Portable and lightweight(17 lbs only)
  • Strong built and sturdy look
  • Full pre-assembled
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent in operation
  • Includes removable collection tray
  • Range might be an issue for some users


The Flowtron Mosquito PowerVac PV-440A is an excellent product and comes with many handy specifications. It is portable, lightweight and exceptional in performance. It offers good value for money and will never let you down.

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