Have you tried everything to get rid of those annoying insects? And looking if there is an easy way to dispose of everyone of them! Some say you should simply maintain the cleanliness of your home and surrounding, however that may not work perfectly in the event that you live someplace close trees, lakes, or other normal territories of bugs. It can be extremely difficult to kill them if that is the situation. You may need to get assistance form technology for this specific problem. There have been many insect killers are existing for a long while now that ‘zap’ insects. So read the full review on Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer below.

Obviously, these gadgets shock bugs by drawing them through UV light. Once they are drawn near the gadget they are then killed by electricity.

Dominating Features:

This Flowtron BK-15D is an excellent insect killer and it is effective in killing in 1/2 acre of the radius with its non-clogging killing grid. Its advanced electronic insect guarantees you that more insects will be there to disturb you. It has both instantaneous and continuous operation which will dispose of those pests instantly as it touches the bar. It uses a 15-watt bulb which saves much amount of electricity.


This electronic insect killer uses UV lights and supports instantaneous operation as well as continuous and uninterrupted operation. The Flowtron insect killer is a non-toxic device, which makes it a safe method to dispose of flies and other vermin. It has traditional lantern design and works on the 15-watt bulb. What truly sets this specific electric bug executioner separated from others in the market is its exceptional non-clogging grid with a killing radius of ½ acre and it ensures that no insect is going to annoy you.

Safety Feature:

The first thing that comes into mind while purchasing an intense insect killer is a safety issue. If you have children and pets wandering freely across the property then no need to worry because this Flowtron is safely housed inside a strong shielding pen, keeping the charged component securely apart.


  • Advanced electronic insect control
  • Non-clogging killing grid of ½ acre of radius
  • Do not use within 25 feet of the area meant for human activity
  • Support both instantaneous and constant services; uses a 15-watt bulb
  • Recommended for ½ acre area only for outdoor use
  • Cartridge needs to be replaced every month
  • Short bulb life span
  • Also, attract a lot of moth-like many other insect killer


Many people reviewed about Flowtorn BK-15D.  Some of them find it helpful while others useless. However, it still falls in excellent category due to a lot of positive rating. No doubt this product is reliable and helps you in many ways. If you really want to add value to the cost you pay then make this product your choice.

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