There is a variety of broad heads are available in the market each of them come with their own specification..

The Exacalibur broadhead is the well known name in today’s high speed hunting. This 150 grain, 1-1/16″ broadhead has ended up being the most accurate hunting head even at the extreme range this convey astonishing accuracy.

Blade Alignment Technology

The Excalibur Bolt Cutter BAT Broadheads are as good as ever, and still the top of the line crossbow broadheads for high-speed crossbows available.

With Blade Alignment Technology (BAT), these Bolt Cutte Broadheads are currently tunable that permits adjusting of the sharp edges, so each broadhead is adjusted a similar way when stacked into your bow, and thusly each broadhead flies indistinguishable.

Product Design

With the help of wrench, you can adjust each broadhead the same correct way, so your groups will be drastically more tightly without fail. The 1/6-inch cutting head is produced using sturdy, high-quality stainless steel to endure the hardest hit and still convey crushing performance.

The 150-grain weight builds front-of-focus weight and permits the decision of utilizing lightweight mechanical broadheads for high speed, toughness and pinpoint precision with your bolts.


Individuals have observed the head to be fundamentally quick during the flight, yet this has brought about the head basically going through the object and leaving a littler injury channel that will leave a littler blood trail for you to take after.

Some Salient Features

For unquestionable precision, usefulness and unrivaled quality, the 3-pack Excalibur Bolt Cutter BAT Broadheads are money. Grouping them indistinguishably every shot, even on breezy days is a secure.

In addition, another advantage is the sharp edge can be removed from the broadhead and utilized as a field point if wanted. The Excalibur Bolt Cutter BAT Broadheads are just the best.

  • Excellent accuracy with high speed
  • Tuneable broadheads permit edges adjustment
  • 150 grains of weight
  • Sharp edges could be removed
  • Mostly out of stock due to high demand


This Exaclibur Boltcutter is one of the best products available in market. There are some dominating features for what a crossbow hunter is looking for such as high speed, lightweight, mechanical boardhead and ability to give disastrous cut etc.

We highly recommend this product!


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