Does caffeinated soap really work?

Caffeinated soap is not a substitute for a cup of coffee.

One of the popular trends today is the use of caffeinated soap. According to product advocates, caffeinated soap is a great way to get a boost in the morning when there’s no time for breakfast. However, there are some doubts about the effectiveness of caffeine in soap, at least as a means of getting up in the morning.

The basic idea behind soap with a healthy dose of caffeine is that people who tend to be sluggish in the morning can get a boost from using the product. This is done through the absorption of caffeine by the skin during the morning shower. Many brands claim to offer two hundred milligrams of caffeine per use, offering just the right amount to help get your morning started.

Caffeinated soap is unlikely to work as advertised.

While there are many testimonials about the effectiveness of caffeinated soap, there are a number of detractors who claim that the product is more overkill and has less of an effect. Some point out that there are currently no credible scientific experiments conducted under controlled conditions to prove the claims made for caffeinated soap. Additionally, some users report that the morning boost they receive may come from the strong peppermint aroma included as part of the ingredients of many popular product brands.

Some brands claim to offer two hundred milligrams of caffeine per use.

There is also a concern that even if it is possible to absorb caffeine through the skin, chances are that the caffeinated soap will not be able to deliver the claimed dose. Given the fact that water would dilute the soap very quickly, even if a thick lather was applied to the body before rinsing, there wouldn’t be much chance of absorbing more than one to two milligrams at best. This is generally understood to not be enough to cause a big jump first thing in the morning.

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While there is no doubt that caffeinated soap can cleanse the body, it is doubtful that the product actually provides much more when it comes to boosting or replacing a cup of coffee. However, the power of suggestion, combined with the strong aroma of peppermint, can be enough to make waking up in the morning a little easier.

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