Can I remove skin tags at home?

You can remove a skin tag by tying a piece of thread around the tag and cutting away the excess skin with sharp scissors.

Skin tags can be annoying and unappealing, especially when they seem to appear continuously. Making frequent visits to a doctor to remove skin tags can be just as irritating. You can remove skin tags at home, however, and there are several ways to do this. Regardless of the method used, if you notice a possible infection in the area where the skin tag was removed, consult a dermatologist or your regular doctor about the problem.

Identify the growths

A skin tag.

Before attempting to remove skin tags, you must be completely sure that you are dealing with skin tags and not more severe growths. A skin tag is very small and grows slowly, never reaching a size greater than half an inch (1.27 cm). It may look like a flap of skin or a small round mass attached to the skin by a stalk or stalk. The skin tag should be smooth and mobile, with a pigmentation similar to the rest of the skin or slightly darker.

Tie-and-Snip Method

Nail clipper, which can be used to remove a skin tag.

Once you’ve established that the growths are marks on the skin, you can start removing them. One way to do this is to tie a piece of thread or dental floss tightly around the base of the skin tag. Then, with clean, sharp scissors or a nail clipper, cut the skin tag above the material you tied around the base.

After removing skin tags with scissors or a clipper, be sure to keep the areas clean with hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial ointment until they are healed. This procedure is relatively painless and is similar to the procedure a doctor might perform. A skin tag should not appear again on the same site, but if it does, you should see a doctor.

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Drying Paste Method

A mixture of baking soda and castor oil can dry out skin tags.

Another method for removing skin tags that doesn’t yield immediate results – but is much less invasive – involves creating a mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Mix these two ingredients together to form a thick paste and apply it frequently, up to several times a day, to skin tags. Eventually, usually within two weeks, the skin tags dry up and disappear.

commercial products

A doctor should be consulted after the skin tag is removed if there is an infection or if the tag returns in the same location.

Some people remove skin tags at home by purchasing and applying solutions designed for wart removal. Many people who try them find these products to be more effective at removing skin tags than warts. There are also many over-the-counter products that are specifically designed to remove skin tags at home. You can try these products to determine if they are effective, or you can try the quickest method of cutting out skin tags on your own.

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