Best Electric smoker 2019Have you ever ordered a perfect smoked juicy chicken that melts with the first bite in your mouth? You can make it at your home now. What you need is the Best Electric smoker that available at most cheap and affordable price at the present time. Great Electric smoker is easily available manufactured by the best brands of 2019. They add value to your life in a true sense. This blog focus on top 10 best electric smoker reviews and buyers guide 2019 – Masterbuilt electric smokers.

If you are true meat lover and wanted to taste your hands then this ideal Electric smoker is recommended for you. Companies have introduced many products having latest features best in budget and best for the money. Selection of one is an examining taste. No worries we have made it easy with the top rated best electric smokers review and buyer guide blog here where you are.

Best Electric Smoker Comparison

For your ease we have reviewed thousands of products related to this niche and finalized prepared the top 10 best rated Electric smokers for your that are not only high performing, having a wider range, cheaper in price but also most selling best electric smoker 2018 & 2019.

Product Expert Rating Customer Rating Price
WEBER 721001 SMOKEY 10/10 5/5 Check Price
BIG CHIEF FRONT LOAD SMOKER 9.5/10 4.5/5 Check Price
BRADLEY DIGITAL 4-RACK SMOKER 9.5/10 4.5/5 Check Price
MASTERBUILT 20070106 9/10 4/5 Check Price
SMOKIN-IT MODEL 2 9/10 4/5 Check Price
MECO STAINLESS STEEL 8.5/10 4/5 Check Price
CHAR-BROIL AMERICAN 8/10 4/5 Check Price
MASTERBUILT 20071117 30″ 8/10 4/5 Check Price


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1) Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain CookerThe fabulous top-selling outdoor cooking equipment has become an essential element for outdoor smoking food parties. For that Weber Introduced best 18-inch charcoal smoker of great value. This 1481 square inch self-feeding smoker has dual cooking space (2 plated steel grills). The upper removable grate allows us to use this best barbecue maker as a grill.

No other product is as good as WSM smoker under 500. This great thermal heating cooker has a large area to smoke several pieces of rib and whole roast at the same time. It also equipped built-in with lid thermometer and smoke spot identifies (smoke zone sweet spot) between “200 to 275 F “which makes it easy to monitor heat. The air dampers and adjustable briquette help in regulating heat accordingly.

A water pan is also included to keep high humidity (moisture), perfect food moisture and flavourful delivery of food. The water pan is Porcelain Coated that gives juicy, professional grade, tender slow cooking results of batter taste. The heat protection surface gives an ultra-compatibility to use this coal running food smoker everywhere without damaging the floor or surface where it is placed.

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Key features/Specification includes:

  • The larger manual opening door made of aluminum which allows the chief to easy add charcoal
  • Most durable and reliable to use with Bowl type construction
  • Supreme heat retention using porcelain enamel structure
  • Lid 2 glass handles made of Nylon
  • Built-in thermometer to display internal temperature in the analog pattern
  • Charcoal grill or charcoal fuel smoker type
  • Outdoor smoker made of steel weights 47 lbs
  • 2 rack vertical smoker
  • Returnable within 90 days

On purchase of this best value outdoor cooking smoker, you will also get

  • One porcelain water pan to make sure moisture
  • One porcelain charcoal chamber
  • 1 steel charcoal grate
  • Silicon temperature grommet
  • Premium grade form-fitting smoker cover for batter cooking


  • Recommend for juiciest cuts of meat of the go
  • Best portable smoker
  • Best budget, cheap price charcoal food smoker
  • 10 years of warranty for the whole product with 90 days return policy
  • Design for proper ventilation


  • No side handles



 2) Old Smokey Electric Smoker: Inexpensive Electric smoker

Old Smokey Electric Smoker: Inexpensive Electric smokerThe simple electronic smoker for your complicated food task is here with the name of Old Smokey Electric Smoker. Old Smokey is among the top rated best value popular brands of USA manufacturing high-quality vertical smokers for many years.

The superior performing traditionally simple in design is 1st choice of people who want to enjoy outdoor cooking in the small budget – best electric smoker under 200. This unit of smoker is corrosion resistant made with aluminized steel to add more durability. It comes with two racks to provide roast and grill.

Some of the highlighted points of Old Smokey Electric Smoker are:

  • It comes with two racks (2 in 1 smoker)
  • Smoking ships and carrying handles also included
  • Drip pan

This electric and wood chip smoker machine has a gate for extra smoke to release in external space. It does not require water as it is electrically powered. Wood chips need to be placed on heated plated and place food chips on the rack along with fat drips on drip-pan. The sealed lid does not allow the food moisture (natural meat juice) to evaporate. This persists their natural food taste with great value.

The simplest design and easy interactive module make this easy to use for inexperienced newbies. It is only the design that delivers best-smoked food you have ever heard. In comparison with other best smokers available in market old Smokey’s simplest flat intention have much hidden reasons in it. It will have your summer and spring ready.

Specification and Features of Old Smokey Plug-in smokers are:

  • The electric power supply of 120 volts and 1250 watts
  • Lid closure Aluminium Steel
  • Flat top smoker so meat juice drip back to meat slice
  • Top heating element to add wood chips for smoke flavor
  • Weighs only 24 lbs
  • Heat thermostat controller allowing an extensive variety of foodstuff cooking in different time and style.
  • 2 grill rack and adjustable temperature

According to many customers reviews/feedback on old Smokey electric smoker, these above mentioned are the most liked, appreciated things for them.


  • Nice feature carrying handle
  • Top-ranked traditional style smoker as compare to others
  • An ideal electric smoker for entry-level to medium duty performer persons


  • No water pan included, well this machine does not need it


3) Big Chief Front Load Smoker

A small, perfect size, cheap, lightweight, excellent performance and easy to move corded heating smoker is Big Chief Front Load Smoker by Smokehouse. The upright electric smoker is ranked at 3rd place in top ten best electric smoker review and buyers guide 2019. The product is really top of the line when it is used for fish there for this best fish smoker is mostly found in fishing camp for easy and rapid smoke up of the daily catch.

According to best electric smoker consumer report, this heavy duty front load smoker is top selling product of the year focused for the area where fish is more used in the diet. Best electric smokers for the jerky making of meat as they dry them and add the perfect amount of smoke to them reaching the desired level of taste.

Little and big chief smokers are popular only because of their easy handling, portability and inexpensively low cost. The Big Chief heating portion will quickly heat the chamber up to 165 Fahrenheit.

Some key points of this excellent fish smokers are:

  • Easy plug into standard 3 prong home supply 110-120 AC outlet
  • Capacity to smoke up-to 50 lbs of fish, meat or other
  • Expressed for proper dehydration giving a twist of taste to your food
  • Durable and embossed construction using aluminum
  • Easy to store with the low weight of just 21 pounds
  • 120 volts and 450 watts heating element
  • Safe UL and user manual with complete operational instruction
  • Free recipe book and a bag of natural wood chips also included


  • Rust-resistant vertical smoker
  • 5 cooking racks for much larger cooking space
  • 2 years of warranty & 90 days returnable option of buyers


  • Outdoor electric smoker (outdoor use)

This best electric smoker is perfect for smoking trout, salmon, beef steaks, cheeses, nuts, sausages and any other type of food.


4) Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

It’s all about the Flavour

Bradley Smoker – Original is refrigerator type smokers of greater vale used to cook the hot and cold roast and dry whatever you want with larges cooking space and 4 racks. This thermostatically temperature controlled, electrically powered rectangular shaped smoker used hardwood briquettes to produce smoke. With this unit, you can smoke whatever you want just load power it ON, load dispenser and get perfectly smoked fish, barbecue, meat etc.

The best electronic food smoker is made only for those who lack patience, apace and time or for those who did not want to smoke their meat with ordinary traditional ways. The stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean before used as a cold smoker, especially for salmon’s fish.

Versatile, compact, efficient and easy digital control smoker suitable size of 20 x 34 x 18 inches respectively for Width, Height and Depth. They are considered as the modern alternative of latest technology smokers. It has automatic smoke generating, electronic control and variant cooking features.

Fully insulated cabinet drastically reduce the trouble in smoke production that possibly effects the food taste. This best electric smoker for money has distinct burners to yield smoke and heat. This allows you to have smoke without heat, heat with smoke and heat without short, this electric smoke making appliance is top raked best quality and cheapest price its category.

Features of Bradley Smoker – Original is:

  • Large space of 2288 cubic inches more than enough to smoke much food at once
  • 125-watt smoke and 500 watts cooking element
  • Adjustable four ranks
  • Capable of 8 hours continues running without human involvement
  • Can be used for both cold and hot smoke (for meat and dry food)
  • You can maintain the desired level of temperature
  • Steel body for best heat retention inside
  • Smoke coves also includes for protection of your investment
  • Vertical smoke model with 45 lbs weight


  • Self-contained smoker unit for high-quality delivery of tasty food
  • Best electric smoker under 400
  • 1 year of warranty for the whole product
  • Worthy electric smoker


  • Flavour briquettes need to buy separately from


5) MasterBuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker

To cook up a good quality barbecue in cheap price, enough for not investing too much for an expensive electric smoker. You just need to buy MasterBuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker Model# 20070106. The Master-built is producing best electric smoker in different style e.g. refrigerator style, best portable of best economical.

To turn your hangout into a real-time memory having a lot of fun, delicious food using the best heavy duty smoker. This master built refrigerator type smoker is ready for all kind of challenges for adding a greater level of taste-making your trips amazing. Dependability with simplicity are the promises by this electric box smoker type.

The electric insulation inside provides longer heat retention and proper spread in the whole unit of the smoker. The bottom electric heating element and small fire unit for making smoke (fire) small wood chunks. Four ranks are included to place/hold meat on them. Basically, this is just a small, low powered and exactly meeting your desire smoker.


  • 4 steel wire cooking racks to place meat
  • Top mounted Electric controller with 24 hours running time
  • 4320 cubic inches storage area powered by 800 watts
  • Electric cord for power supply

The perfect beef smoker allows you to set temperature for 24 hours between 100 to 275 Fusing electronic controller. Well, this smoker unit does need your more attention (no need for periodically monitoring) but you have to put micro wood chunks after some time for none stop smoke taste.


  • The larger capacity of 30 lbs meat to smoke at once
  • Self-contained, insulated inside, good value making jerky at low heat


  • Often remain out of stock from due to high demand

This might be the right choice for those who want an inexpensive electric smoker for cooking a larger amount of meat at the same time with less effort. The electric smokers is recommended for the commercial use (industrial smoker) electric smoker for earning money.


6) Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker

There are a lot of peoples who want to smoke up on their own. Many find it difficult t deal with the fire keeping controlled temperature… need to worry anymore. Smokin’ Tex Pro Smoker Model 1400 is here to help you. With this best heavy smoker, you just need to focus on your food. You should thank by heart to its preprogrammed, little versatility and basic functionality making it simple and easy to use.

You just need to put food, wood, and plugin power cord to socket and head to your other works. This machine will do work by itself making no trouble for you. The limited and inflexible electric smoker has a thermostatic controller inside through which you just have to wait for food getting ready to eat —– nothing else.

Some of the specifications of this best electric smoker amazon are:

  • 13000 square inches of storage area for smoking food
  • 700-watt heating elements 2 in the count
  • 40 lbs ribs addition to total 80 pounds of smoldering volume
  • Maximum 850 Fahrenheit temperature bearing dual layers having an insulator between them
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 8 position for perfect fitting of 4 racks
  • 1 rack dedicated to seafood
  • Electric controller or top used interaction panel

The nice touch unit will automatically cut off power on reaching the required level of smoking temperature. Putting all things beside this is a good well build electric smoker is well insulated, solid metallic body and easy to move castors.


  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Heavily insulated cabinet smoker with for larger quantity use
  • Large storage area
  • Best value smoking machine for food.


  • None


7) Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker

The most appropriate solution to the common problem of making not enough smoke is faced by every chief. To eliminate this and another similar kind of needs Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker was introduced that holds the extreme value of the year. This highest ranked vertical smoker is low cost and unmatchable in performance. It will not a big investment to have a superb performance nice electric smoker under 200 USD $.

The smokers are too much easy to manufacture with the usage of modern time latest technology. You just need a solid, well-insulated steel box racks to hold meat and heating element. The heating element is this best recommended electric smoker 2018 & 2019 should of state of the art as it performs the main task of producing heat.

The magnet indoors allow it in better close like sealing to prevent heat from coming out. This trade of unit is easily available in very inexpensive affordable price for every level of used medium level or entry level can also use it.

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Specification for the Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker is:

  • Made in China by Char-Broil (made with full perfection)
  • Pro electric smoker is porcelain coated having ash and water tray
  • Adjustable temperature/ door straddling temperature gauge
  • 1500 watts heating element enough for baking meat
  • 3 chrome plated racks giving 504 square inches of cooking range



  • Large electric smoker in low cost
  • Trusted performance ideal quality and inexpensive ever


  • Components are lighter in weight


8) Meco Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

When it comes to the best micro smoker in small vertical shape having shiny skin, the Meco 5029 Stainless Steel Electric Smoker is considered as the best choice electric smoker.

This best indoor electric smoker stands on three legs. It has barrel shape with larger capacity to make food ready for eating. 15.5 inches round unit gives the high output of heat. Small water pan, Dual vented lid, two cooking grates and smoke barrel are fitted all to gather giving overall the best cooking range to make it fun with making tasty barbecues.

Indoor smoker cooking recipes are in wait for you to amaze everyone with the higher quality of taste. The double grid electric smoker made with fine steel has a water pan where you can add, juice, sauce, wine, soda, water or other liquid for adding flavor to your meat.

Built-in heating gauge with 3 levels (warn, ideal and hot), 351 square inch cooking space with 2 levels, two chrome plated grids of 176 square inches, 3 steel legs that did not get rusted, 3 wood handles that stay cool all the time, 2 sliding doors for easy adding woods are the most dominant features if this best ever electric smoker for personal and home use.

It also allows you the versatile smoked and aromatic goodness of food (chicken/poultry, lamb, pork, beef, mutton etc.) with the taster smoked flavor of apple, cherry, mesquite or other. All of these culinary delights are now easily cooked in your backyard.

  • Weight only 20.5 lbs
  • Heavy-duty steel outfitted at bottom adding extra durability
  • Reliable to use with heat resistant handle
  • Easy topping up of wood chips
  • Made In USA
  • 1500 Watt electric heater

Made with standards and easy available on all electric household appliances outlets.


  • Great heat output with the strong solid body
  • Low price that gives pleasure
  • Value adding


  • Need to assemble and disassemble


9) Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

In the best electric smoker industry, the business leading company Char-Broil has introduced self-focused infrared technology Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker. The race of the company began with the purchase of New Braunfels Smoker. This best horizontal offset smoker with cover is the best option for outdoor/backyard parties. Thin metallic construction larger size and lowest price are the positive things about it.

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The best horizontal style smoker is Available in 4 mods

  • Deluxe smoker
  • Deluxe smoker plus charcoal starter
  • Standard Smoker
  • Standard smoker plus cover

The heaviest smoker ever made with steel pipes, cheaper price, excellent quality temperature controller, weighty gauge nearly 5 feet end to end long and 100 pounds in weight. The unit is solidly built to give heat and smoke at your doorstep. Some of the description including its specification or feature are listed here below:

  • 670 square inches of cooking area with basic 315 square inches
  • Horizontal offset airflow with the vented stack for this standard horizontal smoker
  • Separate firebox door for ash cleanout
  • Tubular steel legs with two casters for easy mobility or this smoker machine
  • Diamond gap workspace
  • Attached lid and Warming Rack
  • Porcelain treated fortify chain cooking grilles


  • Inexpensive for the bigger size
  • Best electric wood smokers


  • Regulated heating control


10) Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker

The best digital smoker perfect choice for the entry level beginners or professionals. Too many competitive advantages are closed in this next level electric smoker with the digital user interface. With this charcoal free smoker, you need no charcoal or propane for better results in your backyard or anywhere else. Just set the digital controller and leave the rest this machine.

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  • Digital ON/OFF controller and timer
  • Four racks for cooking
  • Side wood loading system for convenient use
  • Thermostat integrated for consistent smoking
  • 800 W heating element with smoking insulated body


  • Great value for money
  • Popular digital smoker


  • No additional accessories


Buying Guide

The old way to cook using wooden fire has many limitations like you cannot control temperature you cannot use it indoor, you are at risk of burning and many others. Same features are available in one device that gives same watering mouth taste too.

How does a Best Electric smoker work?

It works using the same principle on which a cloth pressing iron gas iron or a gas heater works. It uses the electric source to turn electricity into heading coil using a thermostat. Having low, medium and high levels for temperature control it allows you to cook your desired food maintaining the recommended temperature required to cook the specific item. Perfect cooking taste without temperature control is not possible. You need a card for giving power supply to the digital smoker.

Cooking using a small electric smoker is cheaper than charcoal and gas. Some areas provide you facility to use the free electric smoker when electricity is being leased.

How to Choose Best Electric BBQ Smokers?

Selection of best among many available options is no possible without going through any blog that provides best master built electric smoker reviews. Followings things that should be considered while purchasing of best value Electric Smoker.

  • More cooking capacity/area
  • Energy efficient machine that did no down the breaker
  • The insulated machine that minimized the risk to get a short circuit.
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Easily mobility preferably having casters under it that allow using in garden, pool part, indoor, kitchen and else.
  • Cheaper price with no performance deficiency

How an electric meat smoker retains moisture in food?

Ideal Electric smoker comes with a water tray attached to it, using this it retains moisture in the food you cook without vaporizing its juice. Water tray is manually refilled. Actually, the water is turned into stream that the thing that keeps meat away from drying. You can also add different flavors of citrus in the water tray that will mix and add flavored to your final delivered meat.

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