You reached for this post that shows your extreme love & care for your pet. I am sure you don’t have Best Dog Nail Clipper. Every one love more to their pet when they hear tap sound and what if their feet need a proper nail trim without that a serious injury may occur to your pet. No problem anymore, you can find them here. But first, take the best review for dog nail clipper of 2019. After getting enough information you will be able to choose most affordable, cheaper, best of the best great quality latest technology dog nail trimmer. In many available best brands in the market selection of one top-rated professional dog nail clipper is a difficult task. No worries we have to provide the solution in this blog.


Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clipper 2019

Trimming nails of your dog by yourself show the level of care you have for your dog. Why you do pay for it when you can do it perfectly by yourself only using a simple latest dog nail clipper. For you, we have selected the top 10 best-rated dog clippers from the reputed brands that are most selling in 2019. You provided here their complete information, design, the material used, durability, pros and cons only for your best understanding. Please go through them and pay a great value to your money making selection and care for your pet.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clipper 2019:


Product Customer Rating Rating Price
Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer 10/10 5/5 Check Price
Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer 10/10 5/5 Check Price
Wagglies Professional Trimmer 10/10 4.5/5 Check Price
Millers Forge Nail Clipper 9/10 4.5/5 Check Price
Shiny Pet Nail Clippers 9/10 4/5 Check Price
Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper 9.5/10 4/5 Check Price
Resco Original Nail Clipper 8/10 4/5 Check Price
URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder 8.5/10 4/5 Check Price
GoPets Nail Clippers 8/10 4/5 Check Price
OmegaPet 8/10 4/5 Check Price

1) Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer: Best Overall

SAFARI 770045 PROFESSIONAL NAIL TRIMMER: BEST OVERALLMany numerous positive review and buyers guides place this professional nail clipper at top of the line. It will not affect more your wallet with its extremely low price. Compact design and over 4500 positive reviews make this first option for pet lovers.

Textured rubber grips with safety guards to prevent extra trimming of nails is also attached to stainless steel made the unit of pro-dog nail clipper. The spring-loaded mechanism provides full control on pressure and ease when in use.

Blade lock is also embedded for adding more security. This allows you extra safety and prevents its usage when in the lock state. The pair or dog nail cutter is specifically designed for medium to large/big dog nails as it has adequate space for thick nails (medium to heavy duty dog nail clipper).

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  • Best affordable and Lowest price
  • Best value clipper can also be used for cats and other pets
  • Solid and durable
  • None


2) Boshel Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer: Most Selling dog nail clipper

BOSHEL DOG NAIL CLIPPERS AND TRIMMER: MOST SELLING DOG NAIL CLIPPERThis set of best pet nail clipper has all features that should be included in best puppy nail clipper. It includes Free Nail File, Safety Stop to Prevent Overcutting Nails, stainless steel blades, safety guards, user friendly design and rubber grip, locking handles and greater value for home use.

The ergonomically design with well-placed spring lock is made for comfortable strong gripping. Beside 3.5 mm razor-sharp blades work only to cut the small amount of nail. It will leave no chance of extra soft nail causing hurting.

As an advantage, it has a part that adds smoothness and fine finishing perfectly placed along with handles. It only weighs 0.25 lbs.

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  • Smooth finish, quick and clean cut with high quality cutting blades
  • Huge toenail clippers
  • Cheap price all the time
  • Manual opening required to unlock


3) Wagglies Professional Trimmer: Best for small dogs

Wagglies Professional Trimmer: Best for small dogsWhen it comes to best scissor style dog nail clipper the only Waggles Professional Trimmer with Nail File and Safety Stop to Prevent Overcutting stood top ranked. This product is famous and very popular for its shape, quality blades and clean cut without any hassle.

A bundle is also added only on the purchase on the form of the free ebook for all newbies or entry-level pet owners that did not know well and lack in confidence to do professional nail trimming. This ideal dog nail clipper is packed with the free nail file for the plane surface finish of nails. Some pet owners also prefer dog nail grinders but motor noise is irritating and disliked by dogs.

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  • Lifetime warranty and lifetime money back assurance from the seller.
  • Free dog nail filer
  • Safe nail clipper
  • Expensive nail clippers but still persist low cost


4) Millers Forge Nail Clipper: Best Basic Pet Nail Clipper

Millers Forge Nail Clipper: Best Basic Pet Nail ClipperThe luxury home use professional dog toenail clippers which are suggested by real-life puppy groomers and veterinary experts. The company usually manufacture surgical tools and this dog nail clipper for home use is unique itself. Miller forge is sharp, hard, easy to use and perfect handy dog nail clipper.

The ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and non-slippery rubber grips separated by force of heavy duty springs. You can easily trim thicker, tougher and disordered nails without applying much force. This best pets large nail clipper did not use sensors to stop cutting nails, therefore this nice nail cutting gadget is not for you if you don’t have to control your hands.

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  • Favourite choice of most people
  • Best for all pets
  • Best for home use and pet care house
  • No security for extra nail cutting


5) Shiny Pet Nail Clippers: Best for Small Dogs

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers: Best for Small DogsBest small size, mini nail trimmer specialized for pets including dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. Its scissor style cutting is easy and safer to use on tiny paws. Good for micro nail clipping with excellent output.

The unit is made of 100% recycle plastic and slip roof finish for strong holding. This handholding power nail clipper has a stainless steel blade fitted perfect to provide accuracy. With amazing best dog nail trimmer under 20. The owning company also provide the unconditional return – just tell them why you are not happy with this.

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  • Heavy duty clipper weighted inly 4 ounce
  • Suitable for big dogs at home or any where
  • Sharp and clean blade cut in lesser price
  • No fast locking guard


6) Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper: Best for Large Dogs

Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper: Best for Large DogsThe shape and design tells a lot about the heavy pro pet nail clipper. The larger space nail cutter for big dogs nails are trimmed through ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. This ensures a well-angled cut every time your pet nee pawdicure.

The steel blades do not get rust, bent of rough. They are most durable and support long time reliable dog paw nail cutting. No need to use excessive force when clipping with Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper. They are designed to fit perfectly in the figure with the anti-slip material coated on rubber.

The editor makes this small dog nail clipping tool its 1st priority for personal use on big dos having tough nails. Super quality and best affordable price are the extras that you get with a lifetime warranty.

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  • Commercial dog nail clipper with strong body
  • Accuracy with sharp blades
  • Security lock for safest use
  • Weight more than other clippers in market


7) Resco Original Nail Clipper: Best Guillotine Type

Resco Original Nail Clipper: Best Guillotine TypeSince 1937 Resco is manufacturing best guillotine style nail clippers. Guillotine clipper exactly work like a head-cutting device. This small mechanical machine is easy to operate. You just need to place nail of our dog into a small hole and a sharp blade will slice end of nail leaving shorter, smoother and fine curve nail behind.

This types of nail clippers has extremely sharp blades are equipped with Micro Honed which ensure safe clipping of your pets nail without splitting during carving. The super dog nail clipper has replaceable blades that can be replaced in they get rough or become less sharp. You can also buy replaceable blades kit from

Lifetime warranty with hundred percent support making the comfort of se gripping from easy punched handles having no-slipping material coated are the most desired components of this guillotine nail clipper.

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  • Life time warranty
  • Best tool to cut dogs nails at home
  • Silent nail clippers
  • None


8) URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder: Best Automatic

When it’s about the automatic dog nail clippers with battery backup only POWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder comes to front. With its small handy size and powerful rotatory motor it provides enough and fast smoothing of pet nails. Also known as electric toenail trimmer.

Your pet’s toughest nails will no longer stand against the UP POWER diamond bit grinders. These electric grinders are safe and gentle. The battery storage is amazing it supports 3 hours of longer backup time with one full charge. USB port is available to recharge it with maximum compatibility.

Three ports of different size are available for trimming variant pet spikes. The small dog nail grinder machine is best for small or medium size dogs and cats.

The motor generated viberation from which some dogs or pets get frightened. We recommended to run this machine for 2 minutes before in contact with pet. It will help your pet to better aware of it (get used to with sound/noise).


  • High quality parts
  • Battery operated toenail clippers
  • Can be used for large breed dogs and all kind of animals
  • Pets dislike motor noise in contact with dog nail tool


9) GoPets Nail Clippers: Best Safety Guard

Damaging the nails of your cat, dog or other loved most pet could be as painful as nail in the feet. To prevent this your definitely need a best dog nail clipper with sensors. Go Pets has the solution it has provided a built-in sensor to prevent extra nail cutting.

This top quality nail clipper comes with a surprise packet with the small little nail trimming unit best for all kind of pets. All pet owners easily adopt this superior value nail flipper for breeds. The 3.5 mm dense steel blade stay sharp after many years usage.

The professional safety guards are entrenched in this pro dog nail clippers with sensor. Equally effective for both small and larger dog paws


  • Worthy dog toe clipper
  • Extra large dog nail clippers
  • Sensors guards and locking blades to add more safety
  • Sometimes more force needed to squeeze


10) OmegaPet: Quick Sensing Dog Nail Clippers

No matter how big is your dog paw/dog nail. This best big dog nail clippers with modern technology and quick sensors will do job for you. This single clipper is multi in one best suited for all pets. With its extraordinary sharp blades made of steel, it leaves no chance of nail breaking or hurting nail clipping.

Sturdy, lighter weight and lighter on wallet should be your first consideration if you really care about your lovely pet. Easy mobility, long durability, most reliable and enabled view of the nail which is to go to slice are its highlighted points.

The rubber laden – slip less grip give you a confidant of accurate cutting even when your pet is making the move is your hands.

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  • Sharp blades made for heavy duty materials
  • Adjustable cut length
  • Free smoothing automatic dog nail filer along with elegant trimming unit
  • None


Bottom line

Among the variety of available nail clipper, we have made the list of to 10 best dog nail clipper/grinders with battery and sensors exclusively in this review and product buyers guide. Now it’s your choice which one is your selection. Show care for your pet, make the decision and buy only of above-giving value to your money availing lifetime warranty from now.

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Strat with the answering frequently asked

What does an excellent dog nail clipper do?

A perfect nail clipper does a smooth and proper shape trim to your pet nails most likely the dog. Like humans, pets are also living things and with time their nails also grow which need to cut properly so that it could not cause some feet injuries of ant other infection.

How to choose ideal dog nail trimmer?

Selection of best-rated dog nail is a difficult task as many best brands are available in the market that manufactures best of the best products for the healthcare of pets. You should get complete information about pet care from here and do than make your choice among the provided best dog nail clippers. A best quality dog nail clipper includes interactive design, sharp blades, lighter weight, fine material of tool, metallic bar to prevent cutting more nail that hurts, cheaper cost and higher quality are some key points that should keep in mind while making the selection of good dog nail clipper.

Did my dog allow me to clip his nails?

Most of the pets dislike it to touch their feet’s. They feel insecure while someone touches their legs/feet’s. On the other hand, your dig is your other best friend you just need to keep him calm and start trimming making care of it will get him to use to it and next time your dog will not even resist as he will know it will not hurting and show you care for him.

What should I use to trim nails of my dog?

You can use any kind of blades, scissors and tools specifically manufactured for the purpose of clipping your dogs. You can use ordinary scissors but they are strongly not recommended as they come in different size and different rotation angles. Do only use that thing that is made for that specific purpose.

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